Jay tharappel

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My name is Jay Tharappel.

I was born in Kerala (India) in 1989 but mostly raised in Sydney, Australia. I am a PhD student at Sydney University. My research focuses on the relationship between conflict energy interests and war. This is a page for my social commentary covering everything from geopolitical events, to pre-colonial Indian history, to the economics of imperialism, to socialist theory, to the obstacle presented by 'imperial leftism'. 

In societies with a history of being the colonisers, the corporate media media demonises countries and movements that resist neo-colonial domination, often by portraying their leaders as cartoonishly evil madman, or 'oriental despots' hence the blog, the name of which is meant to be a self-deprecating appropriation of the labels and accusations thrown on anti-imperialist thinking.  All commentary on this page is my own and not that of any other institution.