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Syria: Countering Sectarian Apologetics for Imperialist Sponsored Bloodshed

According to Michael Karadjis’ latest article published on 17 February, titled “Assad Regime Responsible for Rise in Religious Sectarianism,” it is the secular Syrian government that is responsible for the rise in sectarianism, and not the actual bloodthirsty insurgents of all factions who have earned an international reputation for their sectarian brutality…

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The Australian Delegation to Syria, the Political Backlash, and the Reality of the Situation Ignored by the Corporate/Western Media

Over the holiday period (December 2013) an Australian delegation, comprised of six members of the organisation Hands Off Syria led by Sydney University Professor Tim Anderson; the Syrian Consul to Australia Maher Dabbagh and his wife Nahla; and three members of the Wikileaks Party…

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